Strategic Alignment

Eficientis facilitates the alignment of companies, business units, support units and processes; allowing to manage risks, initiatives, resources and competences.

Employees are the key for strategy execution, whereby maintaining the strategic focus of your staff is important, linking individual performance with the overall strategy. Eficientis also allows:

  • Align personal goals with strategy
  • Link incentives to the achievement of established goals
  • Create individual dashboards to manage employee performance and monitor progress on individual development plans.
  • Feedback and evaluation of individual performance

Financial control

Manage and control the financial resources needed to achieve your objectives, through:

  • Mapping the allocation of financial resources for strategy execution
  • Monitoring and tracking the allocation of financial resources.

Strategy execution

Eficientis helps focus your business and align the entire organization


Our software is fully aligned to the requirements of the leaders


We have a highly specialized team of business and technical consultants

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