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The satisfaction of our clients is a consequence of the sum of personal talents, and of our collaborators.

The satisfaction of our clients is the consequence of the sum of the personal and professional talents of an exclusive team of highly qualified consultants at an international level; with extensive experience in Strategic Innovation, Balanced Scorecard implementation, and Process Management, in important companies around the world.

Our multidisciplinary team has a global vision of business organizations and their environments, which is a guarantee to provide comprehensive solutions to the specific needs of our clients.

Víctor Carrera Torres

Senior Associate Consultant

International Marketing Expert
Ph.D. in International Business and Master of Science in Business Economics, Georgia State University. Master of Science in Industrial Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta.
He was an executive at Coca Cola Co. USA.

Roberto Joaquin Santillana

Senior Associate Consultant

Ph.D. in Finance University of Texas, Austin, USA.
He was Senior Advisor to the General Director of Banamex, in the Department of Economic Studies. He has been a visiting professor at universities of San Diego, Notre Dame, and in Austin, Texas.

John D. Daniels

Miembro del Consejo Consultivo

Ph.D., University of Michigan. Expert in International Business
Ex-President at Academy of International Business and Dean of their members.
Author: International Business: Environments and Operations, 14th edition, Prentice-Hall.

Jaime Alonso Gomez

Member of the Advisory Council

Ph. D. in Administrative Sciences and Applied Economics, at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA.
He was a consultant for companies, public and private institutions in Asia, America and Europe. He has been a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Business Schools and Universities: MIT, Harvard, California and Austin Texas

José Luis Gorritti

Consulting Director

MBA, with Postgraduate studies in Japan and Spain. He has been an executive at Bayer, and is currently an international consultant with more than 10 years of experience in Strategic Planning and Balanced Scorecard, in important multinational groups.

Jessica Gorritti

Senior consultant

MBA Technological Institute and Superior Studies of Monterrey – ITESM Mexico. She has carried out Strategic Planning and BSC projects in important multinational companies such as Grupo Alen, Mexico.

Guillermo Dueñas

Senior Associate Consultant

Ph.D. in Systems Sciences from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA. He was an advisor in Europe for companies such as Shell, Phillips, KPMG and AT&T.

Boris Dimitriievic

Senior Associate Consultant

Marketing Specialization, University of Miami.
He has been Marketing Manager at Coca Cola, Xeros and Philip Morris in Latin America.

Eduardo Flores

Senior consultant

Postgraduate in Organization and Methods, University of Colonia, Germany. He has been General Manager of Sudamericana of Fibers in Brazil and Peru.

Fernando Olvera Escalona

Member of consultive advice

Doctor in Administrative Sciences, National Polytechnic Institute.
Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee of Bottler Arca and president of Promo Capital. He has been General Director of Protexa Group, Chairman of the Directors Board of Benavides Pharmacy, Director of several Mexican Banks, as well as Director of Carbide Mexican Union, Gamesa Group, John Deere of Mexico, and other companies.

Roberto Martinez

Associate consultant

Degree in Psychology, with a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development and Specialty in Family Business Management. He has been an executive in the area of Organizational Development and Human Resources in companies such as Protexa Group, Aceromex and Multimedios Group and others. He is a consultant in Organizational Development, Change Management, Strategic Planning of Human Resources and Human Development.

Luz Gorritti

Associate consultant

MBA in Administration with a specialty in Finance, ITESM-Mexico and UPAO, Peru. MBA in Economics, Pacífico University, Lima, Peru. She has carried out consulting projects in areas of Planning and Evaluation of Investment Projects in important national and multinational companies.

Kevin Gil

Software engineer

Software Engineer graduated from Antenor Orrego Private University
Developing Software in InStrategy Consulting, experience as a Systems Administrator, Analyst and Programmer.

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