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The satisfaction of our clients is based on the experience, talent, and commitment of our team of consultants.

The satisfaction of our clients is a consequence of the personal and professional talents from an exclusive team of consultants with a high international competitiveness; extensive experience in Strategic Innovation, Balanced Scorecard and OKR implementation at important companies around the world.

Our multidisciplinary team has a global vision of business organizations and their environments, which guarantees to provide comprehensive solutions to the specific needs of our clients.

José Luis Gorritti

Mananging Director

Strategic and Innovation

Specialized consultant in Strategic Planning and Balanced Scorecard in business groups of Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. He has been an executive, and member of the Council at Bayer Industrial, Peru.
MBA ESAN, Postgraduate degree in Quality Management at Osaka, Japan.

Jaime Alonso Gómez

Senior Consultant

Strategic and Innovation

Consultant in Asia, America and Europe. He has been a distinguished visiting professor at business school: MIT, Harvard California and Austin, Texas.
Ph. D. In Administrative Sciences and Applied Economics  at The Watson School, University of Pennsylvania, USA.

Johnny García Sebastián

Senior consultant

Digital Transformation

He has been VP in technology Redeban Colombia, VP in Systems and Processes at Entel Peru, Director of Information Technology in Interbank Peru, Director of Information Technology in Claro Peru, Director of Information Technology in TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile).
MBA, University of the Pacific, Peru.

Luis Cantú González

Senior Consultant

Strategic and Corporate Finance

He has worked for 27 years at Protexa Group, Monterrey, Mexico; where he has successfully held the positions of Executive Director, Director of Administration and Finance, Director of Control and Information Technologies.
Degree in Administration CEU, Monterrey, Mexico.

Eduardo Flores Montes

Senior Consultant

Operations management

He has been General Director at Sudamericana of Fibers, Brazil; General Director of Bayer Industrial, Peru; General Director of Peruvian metallurgical.
Industrial Engineer with a Postgraduate Degree in Operations Management, University of Cologne, Germany.

Héctor Diaz

Senior Consultant

Leadership and Organizational Culture

Specialist in Leadership and Organizational Culture Accredited by Human Synergistics International. Acting Coach for Entrepreneurs.
Ph.D. in Organizational Communication (with focus in Leadership and Organizational Culture), from the University of Texas at Austin.

Víctor Carrera Torres

Senior Consultant

International Business

He has held an executive position at Coca Cola, USA.
M.Sc. in International Business, Georgia State University.
M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology.

Boris Dimitriievic

Senior Consultant

International Marketing

Consultant specialized in Marketing for different business groups in Latin America. He has been Marketing Manager at Coca Cola, Peru.
Ph.D in International Business and Marketing, Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

Roberto Martínez Elizondo

Senior Consultant

Organizational development

He has been an executive in the area of Organizational Development and Human Resources in companies such as Protexa Group, Aceromex and Multimedios Group and others.
Degree in Psychology, with a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development and Specialty in Family Business Management at Monterrey University (UDEM).

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