Scorecards and Dashboards


Eficientis allows each user to have a personalized dashboard of the indicators, which they want to carry out a special monitoring.

Objectives Dashboards

Each objective of the strategy map has a dashboard that facilitates the analysis of the associated indicators, initiatives and agreements. Likewise, the particular analysis of the performance of the objective and the necessary recommendations to achieve the goals can be recorded.

Business performance indicators

In the dashboard of each objective, the strategic and operational indicators can be viewed with the option of selecting the most appropriate chart. These indicators can be evaluated according to the defined periodicity and allows a drill-down for a more detailed analysis. Likewise, Eficientis allows comparing the historical information of each indicator. Likewise, a tree of indicators can be designed to simulate the level of performance that can be obtained in any of the indicators that compose it.

Personal Dashboard

Eficientis allows each user to have a personalized dashboard, for better monitoring of the objectives, indicators, initiatives, tasks and agreements for which they are responsible.

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